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"Love is old, love is new. Love is all, love is you."

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gutfeelingz said: This is really wonderful!! I would love to see more about your budgies if you have the time/energy/want to. Depression is like this cycle where you can’t do anything and it makes you feel awful and like not doing anything… :(

I should post some pictures of my budgies! Training kind of came to a stand still with them for awhile, but I’m going back to basics and just spending a few minutes a day several times a day talking to them and singing to them. Last night Sally wouldn’t stop talking every time I opened my mouth, and it was really cute haha.

Also I started a wordpress dedicated to depression crafting, so we’ll see if I stick with that. It seemed like a fun way to talk about my depression and try and help other people who might be going through something similar.

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Experimenting with depression crafting. Maybe a temporary fix, but laying out my day on the wall like this really motivated me. I got everything done that I needed today before midnight and didn’t fall asleep. This is tomorrow’s layout. This is the most motivation I’ve had in weeks.

Yeah, depression is a bitch but sometimes you find small solutions.

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Got the cutest haircut and nobody even noticed so being a narcissist and showing it off cuz it’s adorable.

Got the cutest haircut and nobody even noticed so being a narcissist and showing it off cuz it’s adorable.

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Planning a wedding is stressful.

Especially when I’m doing things fairly non-traditionally (i.e. not having a crazy bachelorette party, not even sure I’m getting a white dress, wearing converse to my wedding, not having first dances, short ceremony, no church, etc.) and people are fighting me on it.

I’m a control freak, and I realize this, but this is also my wedding and I would like things to go how I like it.

On the bright side, besides a subpar response from my maid of honor and bridesmaids about setting a date, my fiance’s best woman was super excited for us and has already helped me start planning things. So she is wonderful so far.

June 25, 2016. We have 20 months to get this thing in order. That’s plenty of time at least.

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My stepmum has invited me to ‘metal yoga’ in a couple of weeks time. I’m so ready to shred on the mat.

Metal yoga is a THING? OMG tell me more! I might actually be able to get my fiance on board with that! xD