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13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis is about to become just the 17th female to play in the Little League World Series after pitching a three-hitter to lead her team to an 8-0 victory in a Mid-Atlantic Regional championship game. She killed it. 

I see a lot of killings and police brutality all over my dash and raising awareness. But I wanna share some positive stuff going on

Go off sis!

Been meaning to speak on this. But yeah, she’s doing the damn thing. There’s also an all-black team from Chicago that is looking to reach the finals as well, I believe.

She’s badass

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Making a grocery list is hard when nothing sounds good. I have no desire to eat anything these days. Except for like, junk food. I want McDonald’s, and Panda Express. Nothing else sounds good. And I’m struggling with my binging tendencies.

And to boot, I feel kind of depressed. I dunno, I think my hormones are out of whack because I’m off the pill right now?

I might also just be intensely bored. I start school in a week and I think life might get better then, because all I want to do right now is sit and watch Netflix and hang out on pinterest. Although I have been practicing hair and make-up, so that’s good?

I dunno. I’m in a funk. I hate being in a funk. :(

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gutfeelingz said: You look so cute!

I don’t know how to do a proper reply but thank you! And yes, being liked/followed by a BBW blog is like so violating and ewwwww I just feel so gross. :( I already reported one for harassment and we’ll see what happens with the other one. As long as they don’t follow me I’ll be fine. Ugh ew those blogs are gross. :(

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Ugh gross a BBW blog just liked my photo set.

Ew guys what do I do this has never happened before wtffffff I don’t want it